Halcyon 'Snacks' (Single 6 / Trio 17) -
Roasted Vegetable Spread. Olives. Marinated Red Peppers. Tzatziki. Baba Ganoush. Prosciutto. Chicken-Liver Pate. Spanish Dry Chorizo. Pickled Shrimp. House-Cured Duck. Today's Oysters.

Cheese Board (Single 6 / Trio 17) -
Selections will vary daily!

Lyonnaise Salad (9) -
Frisee. Benton's Bacon. Poached Egg. Mustard Vinaigrette.

*Bourek & Ahi Tuna (18) -
Fingerling Potatoes. Capers. Black Olives. Pickled Haricot Vert. White Anchovy. Mizuna

Wild Mushroom Salad (11) -
Portabella, Smoked Maitake and Pickled Beech Mushrooms. Watercress. Porcini-Sherry Vinaigrette.

Carrot & Endive Salad (12) -
Carrots Prepared Five Ways. Citrus Supremes. Leek Vinaigrette.

Lentil Salad (11) -
Asparagus. Oven-Dried Tomato. Onion. Preserved Lemon. Feta. Roasted-Garlic Vinaigrette.

*Ceviche (15)
Scallops. Yellowtail. Gulf Shrimp. Red Peppers. Red Onions. Parsley. Avocado. Shallot Cracker.

*Kobe Tartar (17) -
Harissa. Pickled Vegetables. Preserved Lemon. Fried Quail Egg.

Harvest Soup (8) -
Stewed Lentils. Spiced Yogurt.

Blue Cheese Souffle (11) -
Beech Mushrooms. Volute. Roasted Shallots. Cognac.

Hand-Pulled Mozzarella (12) -
Pulled To Order. House Ricotta. Roasted Garlic. Pancetta. Pesto. Frisee.

*Coastal Crudo (15) -
Hamachi. Virginia Oysters. Uni. Cucumber. Chorizo. Yellow Tomato Emulsion. Basil.

Seasonal Flatbread (12) -
Shaved Truffle. Pecorino. House Ricotta. Yellow Tomato. Mache

Oven Phyllo (12) -
Feta. Spinach. Sun-Dried Tomato. Walnuts. Sumac Yogurt. Vin Cotto. Mixed Greens.

Scallop & Pork Belly (14) -
Maitake Mushrooms. Roasted Green Onion. Spicy Aioli.

Game Sausage (15) -
House-Crafted Sausage. Great Northern Beans. Roasted Red Peppers. Soft-Baked Egg.

Ravioli Ovo (13) -
Pork Belly. Benton's Bacon. Spinach Emulsion. Roasted Ramps. Corn Relish.

Braised Bison (17) -
Benton's Bacon. Mushrooms. Roasted Shallots. Poached Egg. Baguette. Frisee.

Seared Foie Gras (18) -
Brandy-Poached Apricots. Sweet-Shallot Mignonette. Brioche.

Harvest (19) -
Lentils. Maitake Mushrooms. Sweet Onions. Tomato Confit. Roast Endive. Poached Egg.

Spanish Turbot (26) -
Artichokes. Zucchini. Potato Gnocchi. Sun-Dried Tomato. Preserved Lemon Vinaigrette.

Salmon Koulibiac (24) -
Grit Rice, Cabbage, Onions & Mushrooms Baked En-Croute. Sherry-Pommery Cream.

Chicken Roulade (26) -
Carolina Brown Rice. Radicchio. Cherries. Green Onion. Sugar Snap Peas. Cashews. Sesame Dressing.

Shrimp & Octopus (31) -
Butter Poached Scallops. Fennel Confit. Corn Risotto. Tomatoes. Olives.

Roasted Scallops (28) -
Saffron Emulsion. Crispy Broccoli. Venere Rice. Roasted Peppers. Pine Nuts. Chorizo.

Halibut (32) -
Crab-Stuffed Squash Blossom. Spinach. Smoked Oysters. Brunoise Vegetables. Beurre Monte.

Rabbit Saddle (29) -
Carrot-Horseradish Puree. Beech Mushrooms. Melted Leeks. Rabbit Jus.

Margaret Duck Breast (30) -
Roast Sweet Potato. Turnips. French Horn Mushroom. Spiced Beet Emulsion. Boudin Blanc.

*Roasted Lamb (33) -
Bone-In Chop. Braised Belly. House-Crafted Merguez. Vegetable Moussaka With Greek Yogurt-Feta Crust.

*Painted Hills Tenderloin (40) -
Potato Boulangere. Fennel. Onion. Tomato Confit. Fried Oysters. Lemon-Caper Aioli.

*Venison Backstrap (37) -
White Hominy. Blistered Spring Onions. Pickled Ramps. Golden Raisin Compote.

*Roasted Veal Chop (42) -
Fingerling Potatoes. Oven-Dried Tomato. Asparagus. Spring Onion. Mache. Tarragon Demi-Glace. Lemon.