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Harvest Soup  6 -
Daily Seasonal Ingredients

Snack Board 14 -
Eggplant. Roasted Vegetable Spread. Farro Tabbouleh. Olives

Cheese Board
Single 6 -      Trio 16 - 

Lyonnaise Salad* 12 -
Poached Egg. Benton’s Bacon. Frisee. Mustard Vinaigrette

Bulgar Wheat Salad 11 - 
Red Cabbage. Onions. Italian Parsley. Bulgarian Feta

Oven Phyllo 12 -
Feta. Savoy Spinach. Sun-Dried Tomatoes. Root Vegetables. Vin Cotto

Bleu Cheese Souffle 10 -
Mushroom Veloute. Roasted Shallot. Cognac

Squash Blossoms 10 - 
Herb Ricotta. Fontina. Tomato Jam. Parsley

Beet Salad 12 -
Carrot Puree. Three Graces Goat Cheese. Frisee

NC Harvest 18 -
Potato Pave. Mushrooms. Greens. Cipollinis. Tomato Confit. Poached Egg


Hamachi 13 -
Japanese Yellowtail. French Cocktail Sauce. Grapefruit & Avocado Salad. Tempura

Skatewing Meuniere 17 -
Turned Potato. Tapenade Emulsion. Caper Berries

Scallop & Pork Belly 12 -Foraged Mushrooms. Green Asparagus. Spicy Aioli

Scallop Carbonara 27 -
Crab Ravioli. Baby Carrot. Corn. English Peas. Squash. Pancetta

Pink Snapper 28 -
Shrimp. Razor Clams. White Mirepoix. Potato Saffron Rouille. Persillade

Monkfish 34 - 
Corn. Cippolini Onions. Roasted Asparagus


Game Sausage 14 -
Israeli Couscous. Mustard Greens. French Apricots

Braised Bison 16 -
Parsnip Puree. Tomato Confit. Beech Mushrooms. Hollandaise

Veal Tournedo 18 -
Shallot-Dijon Crust. White Asparagus. Mushrooms. Sauce Choron

Painted Hills Ranch Ribeye 42 -Tomato Confit. Roasted Squash. French Horn Mushrooms

Rabbit Saddle 29 -
Bacon. Carrot. Horseradish. Beech Mushrooms. Melted Leeks

Magret Duck Breast* 29 -
Foie Gras Boudin Blanc. Sweet Potato. Turnips. Wild Sorel. White Asparagus

Roasted Chicken 26 -
Seasonal Vegetables. Chicken Feta Sausage. Potato Pave. Watercress